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Cold Fire - Cooling Capabilities

Cold Fire has an amazing ability to cool metal down 21 times faster than water, without 'shocking' or damaging the metal.

ITS Cooling Comparison Test

For a copy of the full ITS Cooling test, please send us an email.

Each sample of material was heated to 500° using a hand torch, then sprayed with Cold Fire and water. The third element tested was ambient air.

The copper was heated and sprayed for 29.89 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 27 seconds to reach 87.378F. It took water 4 minutes, 30 seconds to reach 84.624F. It took air 11 minutes and 6 seconds to reach 95.994F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time.

Sheet Metal:
The sheet metal was heated and sprayed for 15.69 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 14 seconds to reach 84.522F. It took water 4 minutes, 50 seconds to reach 84.538F. It took air 9 minutes and 11 seconds to reach 90.872F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time.

Graph Glass:
The glass was heated and sprayed for 23.47 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 31 seconds to reach 84.093F. It took water 2 minutes, 26 seconds to reach 85.821F. Note as the glass cooled after spraying with water the glass cracked.

Graph Steel:
The steel was heated and sprayed for 48.23 seconds. Cold Fire™ took 46 seconds to reach 88.894F. It took water 9 minutes, 17 seconds to reach 89.251F. It took air 8 minutes and 24 seconds to reach 109.25F. Our findings show that it took Cold Fire™ the least amount of time. Note that after the metal was sprayed, the heat went down, then came up in temperature slightly.

Copper Time Temp
Cold Fire 27 sec. 87.378F
Water 4 min, 30 sec. 84.624F
Air 11 min, 6 sec. 95.994F
Sheet Metal    
Cold Fire 14 sec. 84.522F
Water 4 min, 50 sec. 84.538F
Air 9 min, 11 sec. 90.872F
Graph Glass    
Cold Fire 31 sec 84.093F
Water 2 min, 26 sec 85.821F
Graph Steel    
Cold Fire 46 sec 88.894F
Water 9 min, 17 sec. 89.251F
Air 8 min, 24 sec. 109.25F


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